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Directiva /2/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 14 de marzo de infraestructura de información espacial en la Comunidad Europea (Inspire). on the implementation of Directive /2/EC of March establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). / regarding the definition of a INSPIRE metadata element. / recante attuazione della direttiva /2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del.

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Geographical grid systems Harmonised multi-resolution grid with a common point of origin and standardised location and size of grid cells. Many initiatives are taken at national and Community level to collect, harmonise or organise the dissemination or use of spatial information. This site uses cookies lnspire improve your browsing experience.

Use the Advanced search. Member States should therefore provide descriptions of available spatial data sets and services in the form of metadata. Reti di trasporto su strada, su rotaia, per via aerea e per vie navigabili e relative infrastrutture.

Appropriate coordination structures which extend to the various levels of government and take account of the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the Member States should therefore be established. Help Print this page. Several Member States reported synergies 22 between the EU and national strategies on Open Data 23 including the revised Directive on the re-use of public sector information 24 which had helped to increase the benefits while sharing the implementation costs with the investment needed anyhow for the broader open data policies.

Road, rail, air and water transport networks and related infrastructure. Siti protetti Aree designate o gestite in un quadro legislativo internazionale, comunitario o degli Stati membri per conseguire obiettivi di conservazione specifici.

EUR-Lex – DC – EN – EUR-Lex

Le disposizioni di esecuzione dovrebbero essere basate, ove possibile, su standard internazionali e non dovrebbero comportare costi eccessivi per gli Stati membri. The implementation should take account of the extent to which spatial data are needed for a wide range of applications in various policy areas, of the priority of actions provided for under Community policies that need harmonised spatial data and of the progress already made by the harmonisation efforts undertaken in the Member States.


Edifici Localizzazione geografica degli edifici. Introduction Environmental problems do not stop at borders. Human health and safety Geographical distribution of dominance of pathologies allergies, cancers, respiratory diseases, etc. Species distribution Geographical distribution of occurrence of animal and plant species aggregated by grid, region, administrative unit or other analytical unit.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Weather conditions and their measurements; precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration, wind speed and direction. Inspife States shall, on request, provide the Commission with the information necessary to enable it to undertake such analyses. Inspire should be based on the infrastructures for spatial information that are created by the Member States and that are made compatible with common implementing rules and are supplemented with measures at Community level.

Efficiency The quantitative evaluation of costs and benefits was difficult to do due to a lack of comprehensive and inspife data. Habitats and biotopes Geographical areas characterised by specific ecological conditions, processes, structure, and life support functions that physically support the organisms that live there.

In any event, any charges applied should not exceed the cost of collection, inpire, reproduction and dissemination together with a reasonable return on investment.

The loss of time and resources in searching for existing spatial data or establishing whether they may be used for a particular purpose is a key obstacle to the full exploitation of the data available.

A number of uses for data covered by the INSPIRE Directive can be further exploited at EU level through reporting, supporting impact assessments or inspie, research and innovation. Member States have made progress since then and are required to update the situation in their reports.


EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Addresses Location of properties based on address identifiers, usually by road name, house number, postal code. Chapter 13 Volume P. Risorse energetiche Risorse energetiche, compresi gli idrocarburi, l’energia idroelettrica, la bioenergia, l’energia solare, eolica, ecc.

Elementi idrografici, comprese le zone marine e tutti gli altri corpi ed elementi idrici ad esse correlati, tra cui nispire bacini e sub bacini idrografici. Other Member States reported similar projects. Territory characterised according to its current and future planned functional dimension or socio-economic purpose e. Preparatory work for decisions concerning the implementation of this Directive and for the future evolution of Inspire requires continuous monitoring of the implementation of the Directive and regular reporting.

The mechanisms for sharing spatial data sets and services between government and other public administrations and natural or legal persons performing public administrative functions under national law should take into account the need to protect the financial viability of public authorities, in particular those that have a duty to raise revenue.

Reti di trasporto Reti di trasporto su strada, su rotaia, per via aerea e per vie navigabili e firettiva infrastrutture. Expand all Collapse all. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Geo-referenced image data of the Earth’s surface, from either satellite or airborne sensors.