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A lyrical historical romance for fans of The English Patient Eighteen-year-old Ellen never expected the Hallendorf school to be, well, quite so unusual. After all . Having recently run out of new books to read, I chose to reread one of my old favourites, A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson. The book is set in. A SONG FOR SUMMER By Eva Ibbotson. BOOK JACKET INFORMATION In a fragile world on the brink of World War II, lovely young Englishwoman Ellen Carr .

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A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson – review

I am predictable that way. In a Song for Summer, I loved the historical backdrop to world war II and how it helped develop the story. And then there is the particularly intriguing, enigmatic, and very handsome Marek: Pages to import images to Wikidata. This is historical, romantic fluff that feels familiar and cozy, and it is a great little beach read.

So she goes off to be the matron of a British boarding school in Austria, which would be totally idyllic–except. And in providing all of them with whatever they need, especially Marek, for whom she develops a special attachment, Ellen is happier than she’s ever been Furthermore, if war comes no one will bother to distinguish between men and women.

A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson

For a lovely idea in a nice setting that is beatlutifully written I can only give 3 stars due to the awful protagonists and their unhealthy relationship. The war means nothing to me unless it directly affects my love life! What is the best book to start with where it will be all new and shiny: The beginning really appealed to me. Ellen takes on the role of mother to these children, giving them the love and encouragement that they deserve.

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I found it odd that the romance seemed to be relatively unimportant to the story until the very end, when it became the only part of the story. Love and danger find Ellen in the form of Marek, the school’s handyman who moonlights with the resistance movement in helping smuggle Jews out of Hitler’s reach. I loved the language, and enjoyed the story, but found my attention wandering in a few parts.

It is not only the school which attracts Ellen, but also the quiet, mysterious gardener, Marek Tarnowsky.

At first, her liberated mother and aunts were disappointed because they wanted bigger things for her but they eventually accepted that Ellen is bound to excel in whatever she does. But they never forget each other, and in the end, their love triumphs. Her novels are sng and something that can be enjoyed by any reader.

High-end YA fiction, but still lumped in the category. And of all the ridiculousnesses, I’m super talented at music composition! I always want to crawl inside of it and live there. There was no grand passion, or depth of emotion.


I do typically get annoyed when authors write the same story over and over again, but there are some who do it well. Marek was hopelessly perfect.

This sounds wonderful, I like how you say that even thought the authors books are similar, they still hold their own and still draw you to them.

Dead End Kids Author: The protagonist is a young, beautiful girl who is well-born but eschews her status as part of her love and appreciation for the little joys in life, including domesticity, nature, and rewards reaped from kindness. I was left unsure of how he actually felt about Ellen. Then it’s like three year Okay, so this book is in two parts.

A Song for Summer

A Song For Summer didn’t work nearly as well. Imaginative and humorous, Eva’s books often convey her love of nature, in particular the Austrian countryside, which is evident ibbotsoh works such as The Star of Kazan and A Song for Summer. What is a Song for Summer? In spite of their sameness, each one has a bit of something new, and both parts are equally appealing.

Eva had four grown-up children and seven grandchildren.