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Frekventni regulatori. ABB, 7,5kW. Mitsubishi, 2,2Kw. Emerson. DANFUS, vlt 37kW. ABB, 7,5kW. SIEMENS, 2,2kW. VACON, 75kW. VACON, 30kW. Frekventni regulatori od kW do kW, Soft starteri do 90kW Informacije na tel. + 63 Elektromotori, reduktori, vibromotori, frekventni regulatori. likes. Prodaja elektormotora, reduktora, vibromotora, varijatora, frekventnih.

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Our drive solutions are designed for operation with asynchronous and synchronous motors. All measurements power, current, voltage can be permanently archived on a computer that is running the SCADA.

Based on this platform we can developing new products fast and reliable. Podaci o oglasu Lokacija: Task of every frekkventni management is to reduce production costs.

Frekventni regulatori

Running order specified channel. Be convenient to make closed-loop system. Quick and robust starting aids Freely configurable and simple to install: Power of regulatoir is a bit small. NORD application engineers ensure that things keep moving in over industries.

POČETNA STRANAr – Danfoss Drives

Improve ventilation condition, lower carrier frequency. Have potential energy load or big inertia load. Frequency inverters and motor starters from NORD Ferkventni electronic drive technology can be flexibly adapted to any application.

When power source voltage varies. Thanks for the tough days the begin two years we built very good software and hardware platform.


Reduced motor current means less electricity bills, while reduced rotational speed means longer life of freekventni, gears and other equipment on the engine. Motor overload protection factor set incorrectly. As a drives applications expert NORD cooperates with customers all over the world to provide solutions that are perfectly matched to their requirements.

The system is controlled by a controller Siemens S7 series. Overcurrent during constant speed process. Motor blocked up or load change too suddenly and quickly. Installation of a motor protection switch is therefore eliminated.

Shengyang Machine Tool Group. Home Services Frequency converters. Integration of the inverter into various control architectures is guaranteed by a wide variety of different communication interfaces. Look at the list of available regulatiri for braking resistors. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.

These systems enable fully electronic, wear-free starting and are equipped with a reversing function.

Overcurrent during decelerating process. During to we haven’t sold one piece drive.

Frekventni regulatori i motori

They came to us ask for partnership. More information NORD motor starters: Check if upper device work and wiring is correct. Your Drive Solution Supplier.

Reasons for buying NORD frequency inverters Flexibility Our inverters communicate via all common bus systems and can be simply integrated into any system design. They work together for one dream that developing the China’s best VFD. Multi section speed running. Look for service from reguoatori or agent. Overvoltage during constant speed process. Indoor, not bare to sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil fog, no vapor, no water drop or salt etc.


VTdrive also cooperate with many companies in the top of industry.

Our automation solution for small hydropower plant. Look for service from manufacurer or agent. It is lifeful and fast developing. Reset by the key-press, look for service. Podaci o korisniku VTdrive. EDS — 2S C with braking resistor. An energy saving function for partial load operation as well as operating and parameter set-up tools plus a simple parameter structure complete the possibilities of our modular system.

Our drive electronics supports all common bus systems and communicates with all controllers. To set motor overload protection factor correctly. Running speed stable state precision. Use sudden stop key STOP in non-keypad run mode. By fan with regylatori temperature control.