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Earlier we were using PDF creator software to convert spool files. laser printer connected to iSeries · Converting IPDS to AFPDS and getting. OVRPRTF FILE(BOLPRT) DEVTYPE(*AFPDS) PAGESIZE(11 + . Guys, anybody know how to convert the spool files to pdf in color. I discovered that the font we used on the overlay on the iseries is not supported in pdf. it possible to convert AFP spool files to PDFs for the purposes of archiving them ( creating some sort of index over them) without a) having InfoPrint for Iseries or.

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Press the F21 select assistance level key and make sure that the assistance level is set to 2 intermediate. If this is you feel free to use the Contact Form to send me the comment and I will post it for you, please include the title of the post so I know which one to post the comment to.

I have converrt this since V5R4 and it still works in V7R1. This can be found s;ooled typing Option 8 attributes next to the spooled file, and pressing the Enter key. The key to obtaining the correct transformed output from the spool file depends on the print parameter list. Correct the error and try the request again. I use this sequence: During this process, many businesses want to use the existing code to reach the market faster.

Ron Deardorff March 26, at 8: In my experience today the data seemed to “float” a fild bit. Repeat Step 8 until all of the spooled files have been copied to the same physical file member.

In this example I will save it to the document test. Sfpds to incorporate along with traditional spool files.

The job qualifier, file name, and spooled file number are shown at the top of the Work with Spooled File Attributes screen. The New Java package dialog appears. First, create an empty Java class that converts the spool file to a PDF using your favorite editor.


These spool file attributes zfpds the PDF file location and name will serve as the input arguments for the Java program.

IBM Using CPYSPLF to Re-Create a Spooled File or Create a PC File – United States

Type option 8 attributes next to the spooled file and press the Enter key. One oft-requested functionality is accessing the spool files as a PDF in the Web browser. I can pick out where my pertinent pieces of data are when I run the program adpds debug mode and look at the user space. Walter Nasich Rodney Johnson This creates the Java class and opens in convvert Java Editor. The Java settings dialog box appears.

We currently have the LaserVault software package for our archiving and have converted our invoices over to using an AFP overlay.

From IBM’s Suport documents: Simon Hutchinson March 26, at 9: First, you will need to create a physical file with a record length 1 greater than the record length of the spooled file.

Password for the user profile. Use the Page Down key to scroll down 4 or 5 pages until you find the entry for Page size.

Simon Hutchinson April 8, at 4: United States English English. Update I have received several communications informing me that you can use jseries Operation Navigator to convert a spool file to a PDF file.

Moti March 27, at 9: Without this, the OVRPRTF command may not take effect at all which would result in losing all line and page breaks in the new spooled file.

For more information, please refer to the following document: After we create the font, use this code to create a iiseries.

Just create a printer if you have client access and its print queue. We’re wanting to do this as cheaply as possible, since the. The source physical file should iserifs created with a record length at least 13 columns greater than the page width to accommodate not only the First Character Form Control FCFC byte, but also the source sequence number which contains 6 bytes and the date which contains 6 bytes which exist on each line of text in the source physical file member.


Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

In my second example I am copying an existing spool file to my folder as a PDF file: KJB March 27, at Above article is good to a created PDF.

AS package that will be used to establish the connection to the IBM i and communicate with various objects that reside in it, including the spool file. This will cause the new spooled file to print in portrait instead of landscape. Moti April 1, at 8: If the intent is to copy a spooled file without modifying any of the data in the spooled file, then a physical file should be created using the Create Physical File CRTPF command.

Bob Schaefer March 28, at Before you can do what I will describe in this post you need to check if you have the necessary licensed program, Transform Services, installed on your IBM i.

Simon Hutchinson November 13, at 1: The licensed program code if different depending upon which release your server is running:. Type the name of your Java package and click Finish Figure 8.