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For years, Jack Higgins’s “battalions of loyal fans” (People) have thrilled to his “rip -roaring” (Associated Press) novels of honor, bravery and irresistible. The incomparable Jack Higgins returns to the bestseller lists, launching undercover enforcer Sean Dillon into his most spectacular adventure yet – a. For years, Jack Higgins’s “battalions of loyal fans” (People) have thrilled to his “rip -roaring” (Associated Press) novels of honor, bravery and irresistible intrigue.

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If Johnson and Dillon want to take him on, they will have to face his own brand higigns revenge. His minders escape to London and report to Fox’s uncle and patron Don Marco Solazzo, who comes himself to London for what he hopes will be a final showdown. Sean Dillon says that he is a good actor and is also a good scuba diver. Charles Ferguson is a Brigadier and he mainly wants to get his things done.

The first name was never mentioned so, I assumed that he was an Indian Christian but, he also mentions that he is a Hindu. Goodreads helps you keep track off books you want to read. Listened to this book – F Muller – great reader, OK story. Aug 15, Anne rated it really liked it.

Thoughts Review Policy About me Contact. Johnson is captured by Fox’s henchmen and taken to his mansion in Cornwall. But Fox has not become so powerful without learning a few tricks along the way. To say it is clunky is an understatement but the plot moves relentlessly forward with anachronistic language and no attempt to be anything other than an old fashioned romp. We listened to this book in the car.

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I never return books without reading even it was not given to me. Together with Hannah Bernstein, a Detective Superintendent with Special Branch and Sean Dillon, an ex- IRA gunman and mercenary now working for the Jacm government on black operationshe launches a series of operations to bring Fox down. Journalist Katherine Johnson made the mistake of getting too close to the secrets of international cr A death in Brooklyn sends reverberations around the world in Jack Higgins’s thrilling new adventure.

Nov 16, Julie rated it liked it. He gets the details about the businesses of the Solazzo family from the tapes that she had recorded and he didn’t want to take revenge by killing him directly.

Wherever the money trail leads – New York, England, Ireland, the Middle East – Johnson and his Irish colleague, Sean Dillon, refkoning to hit Fox where it hurts the most, by cutting his illegal businesses to shreds, until Fox stands defenseless before his enemies. No trivia or quizzes yet. Her ex-husband, Blake Johnson, an ex- FBI agent now heading a special unit in the White House learns of the death, and he vows to destroy Fox and all he represents.

Books by Jack Higgins. They are about the same size and shape as a pencil, hence the name. Heoften re-uses sub plots and details from other stories he’s written.

However, such evolution is not enough to save this book from mediocrity, the story line reconing evolved is absurd – totally and utterly unrealistic; the characters are hollow and virtually every line is either jak or transit – there’s hardly any atmosphere, and what atmosphere there is almost feels like it was added later for padding.

Day of Reckoning

Open Preview See a Problem? But for that, the language was very good. The most unusual writing style Redkoning have read in an author who has sold million books. Day of Reckoning is entertaining enough to be a passable read, but there’s hardly a description or moment of subtle characterization anywhere to be found throughout. Body count is all really bad dudes. The remain “page turners” but I’ve run into Semtex and pencil detonators in most of the stories involving Sean Dillon.


Day of Reckoning (novel) – Wikipedia

Posted by Andrew Anderson at She hesitates to do anything which is against the law and because of Sean Dillon’s past, she is jzck willing t apologise him. It would appeal to people who like action movies. Jan 03, Rob rated it liked it. Solazzo and his henchmen die in the ensuing fight on a boat in the Thames. Got to be one of my favourite literary characters – brilliant!

This book is not very boring, but there is nothing special in this. It reads like an old movie from the ‘s showing my age? Good book to read while cooped up in a trans-Atlantic plane. This is the 8th book in the Sean Dillion series, thankfully the story line has evolved beyond the Irish rogue drama which was portrayed in books 1 through 7.

He wanted to ruin him by destroying every business of his this was Dillon’s idea and making him run out of cash and thereby, because of his failures, the old don of the Solazzo family, Don Marco Solazzo would take Fox out of the business.